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Chandler's Dozen  (Set of 13)

Chandler's Dozen (Set of 13)

Shift Hawthorn
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A Chandler : the person originally head of the medieval household responsible for making candles, a crucial role in a world before electricity. In modern times, a person who makes and sells candles. Hi, that's me, Shanna! I'm a chandler. 

A lot of thought went in to curating this collection with the intention to include a wide variety of scent profiles : clean + zesty, juicy + fruity, woody + earthy - you get the idea. The most often asked question I get is : which scented candle is your favorite? It depends on my mood, the season, the room so here is the list. Gift a few to friends and family, or keep them all tucked away for yourself, I won't tell.
You can never have too many candles love, xo. A set of 13 selected from the complete library of scents.